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Cancer Services

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We provide a comprehensive service to diagnose, treat and support people with cancer, forming part of the UCLH Cancer Collaborative, enabling the trust to partner a number of key organisations across London as part of the 'Cancer Vanguard'.

Whilst under our care you will have a named consultant in charge of your care and a clinical nurse specialist will be your key worker throughout your pathway of care.


The Princess Alexandra Hospital 
The William's Day Unit
Building 5



Chemotherapy is administered within the Williams Day Unit, Building 5.

Chemotherapy is delivered by a committed team of medical, pharmacy, and nursing staff who are all highly trained specialist in this area. Detailed quality procedures govern the prescribing, production, dispensing, and delivery of the chemotherapy service.

You will be given specific information about your disease, your treatment, the side effects, and what to do if you feel certain side effects. These include a phone number on which you can contact skilled professional staff 24 hours a day to discuss any clinical issues that arrive while you're receiving chemotherapy. 


  • General patient enquiries (appointments): 01279 827397
  • Chemotherapy emergency number, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm: 07932 528323
  • Chemotherapy Emergency number, Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am and weekends (North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust): 07423459076


Inpatient comment:

The staff and care have been excellent. They have made sure I have felt comfortable, secure and safe. They are wonderful and exemplary in their commitment.