Make movement count


Staying in hospital can lead to patients becoming less active, which can impact length of stay. Reduced physical movement caused by sitting in bed for prolonged periods of time can very quickly decrease muscle tone and result in reduced mobility.

Make movement count to get home on time

Reduced movement can also increase the chances of other risk factors such as falls, fractures and pressure ulcers. This can lead to a delay in patients being ready to leave hospital.

Virtual Hospital

The Virtual Hospital is a service across west Essex that provides face-to-face nursing care, therapy and remote monitoring services for a range of conditions from the comfort of patients’ homes that would otherwise require an acute hospital bed. By making movement count, we are working with patients to ensure that they can be discharged to the new Virtual Hospital as soon as they are able to, where appropriate.

What you can do – simple steps to make a big difference

For patients and visitors:

  • Please bring in fresh comfortable clothes and sensible footwear (or slippers)
  • Take regular short walks, independently if it is safe and you are able to do so, or with your nursing team or visitor
  • Keep your mind active by reading, listening to audiobooks or music, and doing crosswords
  • Check any restrictions with our ward teams

Our people will:

  • Support patients to set a routine, getting up, dressed and sitting in a chair (where possible)
  • Support patients to take regular short walks (using walking aids if required)
  • Encourage patients to keep their minds active
  • Consider referring patients to the new Virtual Hospital

Why we are focusing on making movement count

  • These simple steps to support patients will help to reduce the impact of deconditioning, from a longer hospital stay, to a high risk of falls, fractures and pressure ulcers
  • The focus is to prevent deconditioning to avoid complications in the future
  • We are also committed to supporting patients’ mental wellbeing, with the positive effects of making movement count
  • Making movement count supports improving patient flow through our hospital

Inpatient comment:

Everyone offered words of such reassurance and kindness. I felt so cared for and the communication with me at all times was fantastic.