Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy: 

Describes responsibilities for the safeguarding of confidential information. It applies to all staff and all the information and data the trust holds in any format.

Status: ratified and published.


Information Governance Strategy: Describes the trust's immediate and future approach to support the information governance aims and objectives for the next two years.

Status: ratified and published.


Individuals’ Data Protection Rights Policy: Provides guidance and documents the procedures to enable individuals to exercise any of the rights at the trust.

Status: ratified and published.


Data Protection and Privacy Impact Assessment Policy: Sets the principles which form the basis for a data protection and privacy impact assessment, including the basic steps which all staff should understand and must follow during the initiation phase or early assessment for the development and implementation of projects at the trust.

Status: Ratified and published.


Records of Processing Activities Policy: Provides detailed guidance about documenting processing activities under the General Data Protection Regulation. It applies to all the information and data the trust holds in any format.

Status: Drafted and under review.


All policies are available to all of our people via the trust's internal intranet system. However, if you are not a member of staff and would like a copy of any of these documents, then you can submit a freedom of information (FOI) request by emailing paht.foi@nhs.net.  If the request is for a document that contains exempt information, the trust will only communicate the disclosable information in that document.


Please visit our FOI page for further information

Inpatient comment:

Everyone offered words of such reassurance and kindness. I felt so cared for and the communication with me at all times was fantastic.