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Patient at Home

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Our patient at home service offers home based acute medical / peri-operative care to adults who would otherwise require hospital-based care. 

The service is suitable for patients who have had a medical condition or surgical procedure in hospital and require further treatment which can be provided by our specialist team at the patient’s home. 

Our team are based at The Princess Alexandra Hospital

Contact telephone number

01279 82 7633

Ward and service manager

Hiral Patel, service manager

Leanne Worrall, ward manager

Frequently asked questions:

What happens when a patient is transferred from the ward to the patient at home service?

Once the patient has been referred to the service, our team will assess the patient and agree a care plan. Once the patient is transferred home, the medicine and equipment required will be provided by the service and brought to the patient's home when the clinical team visit.

How do you take observations and tests?

We use clinical monitoring equipment to record patient observations and tests which are then reviewed by our medical team. The patient receives the same medical treatment and necessary tests if they were staying in hospital. The patient would only need to return to hospital for scans or x-rays.

How do patients access the doctor if required?

Our medical team telephones the patient on a daily basis and visits them at home when required to check on their progress and provide an update on their care plan. 

If needed, patients will be referred for on-going support from other health or social care professionals. Once the patient is recovered, they are discharged back to the care of the respective GP or community service.

Inpatient comment:

Everyone offered words of such reassurance and kindness. I felt so cared for and the communication with me at all times was fantastic.