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Intensive care and high dependency

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The critical care unit delivers specialised care to patients who are critically ill and need close observation.


The Princess Alexandra Hospital
Zone B, fourth floor, location B53

Visiting hours

We know that it can a worrying time for family and friends of our patients. We will provide you with regular updates about your relative's care. If you have not received an update recently or have questions about your loved one's care, then please do not hesitate to talk to the nurse in charge. 

There is a visitor’s room in the unit where relatives are able to stay overnight; however it may only be used for one night by a relative of the patient who is severely ill.

If you are not local to the area, we can also provide you with a list of hotel accommodation nearby. 

Contact telephone number

01279 82 7010

Ward matron

Jane Bolton

Inpatient comment:

The staff and care have been excellent. They have made sure I have felt comfortable, secure and safe. They are wonderful and exemplary in their commitment.