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Blood Tests

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blood testBlood tests (phlebotomy)

Update: 1 July 2020

To ensure that we keep our patients, visitors and staff safe and to meet social distancing guidelines, we are now using an appointment system in our outpatient departments at The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, St Margaret’s Hospital in Epping, and Herts and Essex Hospital in Bishop's Stortford. To book an appointment, please email with the information listed in the table below and you will be contacted in three working days. Please note that this table is not an online form, it is a guide to ensure you include this information in your email.

If you need to book an appointment today or tomorrow or you do not have access to email, please call the appointment booking line on 01279 82 7163 or 01279 82 7168. The appointment line is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, excluding bank holidays.

If your test is urgent and you are unable to contact us to make an appointment, please visit The Princess Alexandra Hospital outpatient reception, Zone B, location B5 and take a ticket. Patients with scheduled appointments will be seen first, and you may be asked to wait, with social distancing measures in place. It is recommended that you do not visit St Margaret’s or Herts and Essex Hospitals without an appointment, as the clinics are very busy and you may be asked to return at a later date.

The Rivers Hospital

The Rivers Hospital is no longer bleeding shielding patients from The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT). Patients should make an appointment as described on this page.

Patients - Watham Abbey area
From 5 October all patients in the Waltham Abbey area will no longer be able to go to the Town Hall to be bled.

Patients are advised that until bleeding at the Health Centre is operational, they should either:

  • Make an appointment at another venue as described on this page
  • Attend St Margaret’s Hospital between 9am and 12pm Monday to Friday – please note that this is every day and there will only be one staff member carrying out blood tests.

Please note that this table is not an online form, it is a guide to ensure you include this information in your email.

blood test info

Please note that some GP surgeries also offer a blood test service - please contact your surgery for advice.You will be contacted within 1–2 working days with your appointment day and time. Please ensure you wear a face mask if you have one.

Privacy notice

Please be aware that although we will take steps to secure email communications sent to you, emails sent to us may not be a secure method of communication. It is your responsibility to limit the amount of personally identifiable or sensitive information you send us. If you would like to know how we use, share and will look after your information, then please visit our privacy notice. It explains what you can expect when we handle your personal information, including the risks to when you provide us with information.


More information

Blood test patient information leaflet


Inpatient comment:

The staff and care have been excellent. They have made sure I have felt comfortable, secure and safe. They are wonderful and exemplary in their commitment.