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Anaesthetics are used to prevent pain and discomfort during tests and surgical operations. There are two types of anaesthetics: local and general anaesthetics. 

Local anaesthetics may be used if you are having a minor procedure. A small area of the body is numbed and you are conscious.

A general anaesthetic is used if you are undergoing a serious operation and you'd be completely unconscious.

What we do

  • Provide care before and after surgery
  • Assess the risks of different procedures against the benefit, ensuring you are included in that discussion
  • We work with the Intensive Care Unit to look after extremely unwell patients and those who need close observation
  • We work alongside the Emergency Department doctors to resuscitate patients coming into ED
  • Provide pain control for child birth in addition to providing a pain control service at PAH


01279 82 7011

Inpatient comment:

Everyone offered words of such reassurance and kindness. I felt so cared for and the communication with me at all times was fantastic.