Gynaecology ambulatory unit

The Gynaecology Ambulatory Care Unit (GAMBU) allows you to receive care from doctors and specialist nurses, without having to be admitted to hospital. To ensure the safety of our patients, we are currently unable to offer our walk in gynae embulatory services, however we are offering a telephone advice and referral service - you can contact the service on 01279 82 7107.

The unit has examination couches and reclining chairs where you can rest and receive treatment. 

The most common conditions and treatments in GAMBU are:

  • Hyperemesis (acute and persistent vomiting in pregnancy)
  • Blood transfusions 
  • Ferrinjet
  • Trial without catheter (TWOC) for bladder problems
  • Management of bartholins abscess (a painful lump just inside the vagina)
  • Word catheter 
  • Scan reviews


The Princess Alexandra Hospital
Zone A, location A46

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Contact telephone number

01279 82 7107

Inpatient comment:

Everyone offered words of such reassurance and kindness. I felt so cared for and the communication with me at all times was fantastic.