Administrative services

Administrative services

Our administrative and clerical teams across the trust demonstrate energy and commitment towards improving the care and experiences provided to our patients. From receptionists to our people team, they are key to the trust delivering exceptional patient care.

Eleanor Hill Blog Quote

"I was fortunate to have been on the GMTS because of the opportunities it gave me to complete qualifications on the job; I found the teams I worked with were really supportive in helping me achieve competencies as part of my course." 

Eleanor Hill - Information manager

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Taylor Higgitt- Project Coordinator, former Business Administrative Apprentice

I knew the NHS had clinical apprenticeships, but I wasn’t aware that there were so many job roles and opportunities that were non-clinical. I decided to have a look on NHS jobs, just to see what was out there, and came across the business administration apprenticeship. What appealed to me was that the majority of the two-year course was learning on the job, which is something that I have always preferred, and I thought it was a good way to see if the NHS would be a good fit for me.

Taylor Higgitt, Project coordinator