The Voluntary Service

Our Voluntary Service is a phenomenal asset to PAHT.   We are very proud of our 90 dedicated volunteers who are highly motivated and support our patients, staff and their families.

We offer a friendly, warm and hospitable environment enabling our volunteers to complement the work of our paid staff.

Meet the team (add in photos from photo file)

Phillipa Haslehurst- Voluntary Services Manager      Phillipa Haslehurst- Voluntary Services Manager                     

Alison Lawrence- Voluntary Services Deputy Manage Alison Lawrence- Voluntary Services Deputy Manager

Chloe Rich- Butterfly Coordinator    Chloe Rich- Butterfly Coordinator                  

Bruno Gama- Physician Associate Bruno Gama- Physician Associate                                        

Jayne Moscow-Compassionate Care/Namaste Coordinator Jayne Moscow-Compassionate Care/Namaste Coordinator


As a volunteer team we focus on:

  • Making sure volunteering opportunities have an impact.
  • Ensuring that our processes are accessible and inclusive; that there are opportunities for all, and volunteers reflect the local communities.
  • Identifying existing good practice and developing a framework based on Investing in Volunteers.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, aged 17 and over, who are compassionate, independent and enthusiastic.  In return, we provide a wide range of exciting opportunities to meet others, learn new skills and most importantly, to make a difference to the lives of our staff and patients. Ultimately, our Volunteers are here to support the Trust in its day-to-day operation. 

Our volunteer roles include:

  • A new Compassionate Care (Namaste) volunteer role
  • Meet and Greeters
  • Ward Support
  • Emergency Department support
  • Administration Support
  • Butterflies
  • Patient Panel
  • Stoma Support
  • Pets as Therapy

All our volunteers support our clinical and non-clinical staff in delivering exceptional care to our patients and supporting their families. We require a long-term commitment (12 months) of four hours a week from our volunteers.

Please get in contact if you are interested in volunteering here at PHAT. email?

Harlow Hospital Radio and The Anne Robson Trust are both External Voluntary /Charitable Organisations linked with PAHT.