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Carers hospital support and liaison

We support anyone who is looking after a relative or friend in hospital with a medical, physical or psychological condition.


Jayne Moscow, Carers Hospital Support and Liaison Worker

Jayne Moscow "I'm here to help carers from all walks of life and to be someone they can turn to for support or advice. 
Sometimes carers can feel like they are alone with a daunting task ahead of them. This service is to reassure 
them they aren't alone and they have someone to turn to."


What does this service do to support carers or relatives of inpatients?

  • Offer support and advice when the person you look after is in hospital
  • Explain what help is available to you once the person you look after has been discharged
  • Help you to feel respected, valued and included as an equal partner in care by health and social care professionals

What does the service provide?

  • One-to-one practical and emotional support within the hospital
  • Liaise between you, the discharge team and busy ward staff
  • Information, advice, guidance and support to access: Carers rights under the Care Act 2014, financial benefits and other entitlements, continuing healthcare funding, power(s) of attorney, deputyship and explaining mental capacity, how to access emergency respite and crisis situations
  • Access to continued support in the community following discharge including: 1:1 and group support, counselling, training and awareness sessions and health and wellbeing days.

How do I refer?

Referrals can be made by healthcare professionals, social workers, community teams or by self-referral.

Complete the online referral form: www.carersinessex.org.uk or phone 03007708090

Contact us

07702 858658 (Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4.30pm)

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