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General Surgery

The general surgery department provides a full range of elective and emergency services.

We offer a wide range of general surgery conditions such as:

  • gallbladder removal;
  • hernia;
  • lipoma;
  • benign neoplasm of skin; and
  • lymphadenopathy.

Our services also include emergency surgeries including:

  • appendix removal; 
  • intestinal blockage; and
  • abscesses.

We carry out our procedures in main theatres and day stay theatres in the Alexandra Day Stay Unit (ADSU).


Key member of the team

Consultant surgeon, Mr J Refson.  
Consultant surgeon, Mr A Abidia.
Consultant surgeon, Mr N Srinivasaiah.
Consultant surgeon, Mr R Durai. 
Consultant surgeon, Miss S Das Mohapatra. 
Consultant surgeon, Mr S Vivekanandan
Consultant surgeon, Miss V Vijay.
Consultant surgeon, Mr N Kirmani
Consultant surgeon, Mr B Ivanov.

Our consultants are supported by a team of registrars and trainee and foundation doctors. 


Pauline Doyle, Secretary for Mr J Refson and Mr B Ivanov, 01279 827556 or email Pauline.Doyle@pah.nhs.uk.

Michelle Harris, Secretary for Mr A Abidia and Mr N Kirmani, 01279 827068 or email Michelle.Harris@pah.nhs.uk.

Winnie Nganga, Secretary for Mr R Durai and Mr N Srinivasaiah, 01279 827067 or email Winnie.Nganga@pah.nhs.uk.

Julie Case, Secretary for Miss Vijay, 01279 827069 or email Julie.Case@pah.nhs.uk

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