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Samson Ward

Samson Ward specialises in caring and treating high risk mothers and babies and a wide range of transitional care babies who require close monitoring.

On visiting the ward please use the buzzer and a member of staff will let you in. This system is in place to maintain safety of the unit.


Maternity, lower ground floor, A39.

Number of beds

22 beds and 22 cots.

Visiting hours

We offer partners open visiting and can stay overnight in the chair by the bedside.

Siblings can visit between 1pm to 3pm.

All other visitors can visit from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and 7pm to 8pm.


On this ward we get supported by

Samson Ward works as a multidisciplinary team. The lead being the consultant, we are well supported by the head of midwifery, matron, managers, deputy, breastfeeding specialist team and clinical specialist.

On this ward we like

Samson Ward has an environment which is welcoming. Everyone gets treated with respect. All members of staff communicate and respond well with an aim to improve the experience of women and their families through both positive and negative feedback. We work as a team; we are getting more and more positive feedback from both women and their families. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly unit.

On this ward we learn

The art of effective communication, appropriate escalation policy, adhering to all safety checks and using trust values and standards in the provision of care.


Breakfast is served at the bedside. Lunch and dinner is collected by women or partner from the ward kitchen.


01279 827108.


Key members of staff

Ward Manager, Metelda Varghese.


Feedback from women and their families

'Outstanding level of care! Experienced midwives/nurses.'

'They made me feel comfortable, welcome and were very kind and friendly.'

'Everything from care to food was brilliant. Friendly staff and felt very at ease.'

'From the first person, cleaners to consultants, we were treated extremely professionally and as individuals.'

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