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Visiting hours

The standard vising hours for wards is from 3pm to 4.30pm and 6.30pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday. These hours can vary, so please discuss this with staff on individual wards.

Large numbers of visitors at once may disturb other patients. Generally we only allow two visitors per patient at any one time, but of course our ward staff will use their discretion. 

Visitors are respectfully asked to be considerate to all our patients and follow the instructions of ward staff.

If you are visiting a patient who is confused or who is diagnosed with dementia, ask to speak to a dementia champion if you would like to vary your visiting hours. We will always do our best to help.


On all wards the mealtimes are as follows:

Breakfast - 7am to 8am
Lunch -
Dinner -


Flowers, cards, balloons and gifts

Most people stay in hospital for a very short time and would appreciate get well gifts far more on their return home. We are sorry that we do not allow flowers in the hospital. Practical gifts include soft drinks, fruit, books, newspapers, magazines or puzzle books and travel sized toiletry items.  


Violent conduct

Our staff understand that visiting the hospital can be stressful and can make patients and visitors angry or emotional.

However, it is never acceptable to swear at, intimidate, push or hit a member of our staff. All staff are instructed to call security and the police. The trust always presses for the criminal prosecution of anyone who abuses or assaults our hard working staff. It is completely unacceptable.


When it is best not to visit

It may seem obvious but if you are ill with a cough, cold, flu, upset stomach  or other infection please do not visit friends and relatives in hospital. You may spread your infection to someone who is frail or who has weakened immunity. You are welcome to telephone to pass on your good wishes and let your loved one know why you cannot visit, please call 01279 444455 and asked to be put through to the ward where your loved one is staying. 


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