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Breast Symptomatic 

Following either a fast track, urgent or routine referral from your GP one of our specialist surgeons will discuss the treatment options available to patients.

These commonly include radiotherapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and biological treatments. We also offer surgical procedures. Our dedicated team of Breast Care Nurses offer care and support to local women diagnosed with breast cancer.

We are delighted to report that we are now able to offer sentinel node biopsies to patients – this is the latest state of the art treatment in combating breast cancer. It allows the surgeon to safely and precisely remove the nodes affected by the cancer.

Specific Patient Information

If patients do require surgery the options available to you will depend on the size of the cancer, whether it has spread to other parts of the body and personal preference.

The surgeon will share his opinion on the most appropriate surgery which will include: the whole breast removed (mastectomy); only the lump removed (lumpectomy) or part of the breast removed (wide local excision). After surgery patients may also need radiotherapy, this lowers the risk of the cancer returning.