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The Audiology service involves carrying out hearing assessments (direct GP and ENT referrals) of both adults and children/babies, the provision of digital hearing aids, support to hearing aid users (follow-up/telephone follow-up appointments, repair clinics, hearing therapy) and Tinnitus Assessments and Support.

Specific Patient Information

Hearing aid repairs by appointment only (all three sites). Please note that digital repairs can only be carried out at St. Margaret's Hospital and Herts & Essex Hospital sites. Batteries are available at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, St Margaret's and Herts and Essex sites in addition to Rectory Lane Health Centre, Ongar War Memorial hospital and Waltham Abbey Clinic.

Analogue hearing aids are now obsolete. Digital hearing aids are only availably in the behind-the-ear style - new open-fit technology is available depending on hearing loss. 

Other Information

I have noticed a problem with mine/my child’s hearing?

Book an appointment with your GP who will refer you either directly to audiology or to the Ear, Nose and Throat consultant.

What if I lose my NHS hearing aid?

Contact your dept for an appointment where we will take a new ear mould impression.

***Important Information***
From the 1st July audiology will be charging for lost/damaged hearing aids and tinnitus devices (flat fee of £65) - expections apply.

What if my hearing aid breaks down?

Contact your department for an appointment.

I suffer with tinnitus, what can I do?

Your GP should refer you to the ENT dept for an assessment. The ENT consultant will be able to refer you for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy if appropriate.

Voluntary Services available (for retubing and batteries):

Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service: 01707 324582 (www.hhas.org.uk/mobile)

Hearing Help Uttlesford: 01799 599 790 or 01245 231 397