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Trust Board Meetings

The Trust has a statutory obligation to hold regular Board meetings. These are made up of a Part A and a Part B session. Part A is open to the public or anyone with an interest in healthcare matters at the Trust.  Part B is in private and attended only by members of the Board.

The majority of meetings are in the Trust Board Room on the main PAH site in Harlow.

There is an open invitation for staff, patients or members of the public to attend Part A.  We feel it is important that our Board's activities are undertaken in an open and transparent manner.  If anyone wishes to ask a question of the Board or ask a question about any of the Board papers, this can be arranged by contacting Lynne Marriott (via the contact details provided to the right of this information) with three clear days notice of the Board meeting. 

Dates/times of all future meetings and current and past Board papers are available via the links under "Trust Board Meetings". If you wish to attend please contact Lynne Marriott via the details listed to the right of this information.