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About Us 

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust is located in Harlow, Essex and is a 489 bedded District General Hospital providing a comprehensive range of safe and reliable acute and specialist services to a local population of 258,000 people.

We are committed to the core principles of the NHS which are to provide services that meet the health needs of everyone and are free at the point of delivery.

We will shape our services around the needs of all patients including providing access to and information about our services to all who may choose to use us, and in a manner which promotes the greatest level of understanding and accessibility.

The Hospital is monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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Foundation Trust

We are currently in an exciting position in that we are moving towards becoming a Foundation Trust hospital. This means that we will have a direct say in how the hospital is run and more control over where money is invested so that it benefits patients. For more information visit the Foundation Trust page.

Good News

You can find out about some of the great work across the Trust on our Facebook page. Click on the icon to be taken directly to the site.